Edu -- The Mystery and Magic of Toshikane by Yuko Kohga

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Your viewing link will work for ONE WEEK. Video length: approx. 43 minutes. By Yuko Kohga The Arita buttons so well-loved among US collectors have been virtually unknown in Japan until their recent promotion by artist Yuko Kohga. While doing related research, Yuko discovered Arita porcelain buttons and jewelry by the Toshikane company. These items were manufactured for several decades as export goods and to sell in Japanese tourist shops, but were not widely marketed to the Japanese public. Ms. Kohga started a project to uncover lost information on how these items were produced. The project culminated in a 2019 exhibit of Toshikane items at a Tokyo gallery. Ms. Kohga will reveal the magic and mystery of Toshikane’s gorgeous Arita porcelain products. Yuko Kohga studied in the United States and the Netherlands from 1997 to 2006. Her studies included art, architecture, design theory, and conceptual thinking. After returning to Japan, she worked as an art director at a major advertising agency and a foreign-affiliated company. She is involved in projects to revive traditional crafts and educational projects aimed at connecting society, education, and art.

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