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#3--THE "KIT" Challenge

“What’s in the kit?” you ask.  Well that, dear creative people, will be revealed when you accept this challenge.

Select a theme of YOUR choosing and, using ALL the materials in the kit (bag) sent to you, show us something that will make people sit up and take notice, slap their foreheads and exclaim, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”  Yes.  Why indeed? 

Be the leader who shows us all how to take mystery materials and make something fabulous.  Good luck and have FUN!

On a 9" wide x 12” high mounting board, you must use

A) ALL the materials in the kit, and

B) a minimum of five buttons

The rest is up to you. 

Entries require a $10 fee for the kit, postage and entry. For PDF information about this challenge, click here.

Questions?  Contact: 

Good luck and have FUN!

Fees may be paid on the main CREATIVE CHALLENGES web page. Click the squares to select your challenge(s).

Enter as often as you like!

Everyone can participate: online OR at the convention! 

JUNIORS compete FREE against other juniors in all categories

All entries require only 5 buttons minimum, & IMAGINATION!

No limit on the number of entries per Challenge per person.

Entries require a small entry fee. 

All entries should be submitted 

1.  On site at the NBS convention on Monday OR

2.  Online via a digital competition by August 1. 

Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for each Challenge. PLUS People’s-Choice Awards—for online and for on site.

Entries will be shared on the NBS Creative website pages.

Questions? Email us at 

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