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2023 Creative Challenge #1–Selected Background


Applying the convention theme, print the image provided from this link and glue it to your 9"x12" mat board. 

Design your own interpretation of: A WALK IN THE WOODS. 

Here's the link to the background image.

On a 9" wide x12” high mounting board, you must use

A) the background image,

B) a minimum of five buttons, and

C) the words, A WALK IN THE WOODS

The rest is up to you. And now, let's set off on the adventure!

Questions?  Contact: 

Good luck and have FUN!

Entries require a $3 entry fee.

Fees may be paid on the main CREATIVE CHALLENGES web page. Click the squares to select your challenge(s).

Enter as often as you like!

Everyone can participate: online OR at the convention! 

JUNIORS compete FREE against other juniors in all categories

All entries require only 5 buttons minimum, & IMAGINATION!

No limit on the number of entries per Challenge per person.

Entries require a small entry fee. 

All entries should be submitted by August 7th

1.  On site at the 2023 NBS convention OR

2.  Online via a digital competition. 

Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for each Challenge. PLUS People’s-Choice Awards—for online and for on site.

Entries will be shared on the NBS Creative website pages.

Questions? Email us at 

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