Edu -- Pewter--The Other White Metal by Simone Kincaid

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Your viewing link will be active for ONE WEEK. Video length: 1 hour 10 minutes By Simone Kincaid, ID This hour presentation starts with a short history of pewter manufacture, and explores the wide variety of pewter buttons from the past and present! See examples of hard white pewters, bright cuts, embellishments, back types, maker marks, construction techniques and the decorative finishes that grace these distinct metal buttons. You will also learn how to identify pewter from other white metal buttons. Simone is a lifetime member of the National Button Society, member of the British Button Society, and the Oregon and Idaho State Button Societies. She has been editor of the ISBS Bulletin since 2010, the NBS Assistant Bulletin editor between 2020 and 2023 and also editor of NBS Special Publications as well as having served on many NBS committees including Button University.

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