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The NBS USB Flash Drive contains Out-of-Print NBS Publications, Articles, Guidelines to China Buttons, and the NBS Bulletin Index to 1997. Out of print articles include Ashlee Buttons (Feb 1986), Borders Part 2 (Mar 2015), Gay 90s (Dec 1992) This credit-card-size holder with a hidden “thumb” or USB drive which can be carried in a wallet or stored easily. The drive is not locked, meaning that you can add or delete files. On your computer the files can be enlarged for viewing small print or for close examination of those little calico patterns. You can print the articles or portions of the articles. If you don’t see all the files on your screen immediately, you may have inserted the drive upside down. Flip the card and try again. Domestic shipping is included. Contact the Publications Supplier for Canada & Foreign shipping rates.

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