EDU--BIMINI BUTTONS by Sheila Brudno

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Video viewing available for one week after completed purchase. Video length: approx. 40 minutes. Class 6-5.3.1, 7-6.3.1 or Section 23-6.2 Back Types assorted Bimini and Bimini-type buttons were born out of necessity and the circumstances caused by WWII. This convergence, enormous and horrifying, brought many Jewish artisans to Britain seeking safety and a way to support themselves. This solved the comparatively small problem of British designers and clothing manufacturers who were suddenly very short of buttons and supplies from Europe because of the war. Sheila will show you buttons ranging from impressed classical forms to abstract designs. Then she hopes to expand your knowledge and understanding of the various artists and have an increased appreciation for these chunky gems. Well before she was drawn to buttons Sheila was always looking for interesting ones to adorn her clothing. She discovered “button collecting” on eBay after buying a small collection in New England; then joined local clubs and NBS and has been happily addicted ever since. Sheila has been collecting buttons for twenty-five years and has been a dealer for the last fifteen. She currently serves on the NBS Classification Committee as the Division I Co-Chair. She also served as an NBS Director, Pennsylvania State Button Society president, and continues to hold various offices in her local clubs.

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