EDU--Class 02-0 CERAMICS 101, PART 2-- by Susan Vincenzes

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Ceramics 101 Part 2, Class Guide is the follow-on to Ceramics 101 Part 1. Identifying the clay bodies in Part 1 was just the beginning. In this presentation, we'll look at the potters and artists that made buttons from the earth. Learn why Satsuma got its own class in the NBS Blue Book, the history of Jasperware, and how to distinguish certain makers’ buttons. We’ll also look at how terra cotta, raku, and air-dried porcelain fit in Section 2, Ceramics. Susan Vincenzes is currently the Colorado Button Basket Editor, and secretary for WYNCO (win-co), which stands for Wyoming and northern Colorado and a member of the Vedauwoo Charmstring Club in Wyoming. She has been collecting for eight years, competing for five and recently received her five-year ribbon from the NBS. She is currently the co-host of the monthly online NBS button club called the Button Loupe and her favorite buttons are pictorials, especially animals.

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