Capturing the Magic of Buttons

  Get started on your expression of the “Magic of Buttons” by viewing

  the more than 30 projects NBS has posted here. Feel free to

  replicate the projects or to use them as inspiration for creating your

  own unique craft or work of art. Each project includes directions and

  supply lists in downloadable PDF format.

  The projects all conform to the NBS “no-harm" button jewelry and

  crafting suggestions to never intentionally damage buttons and

  buckles in the creative process. 

 For the HOME

  It’s simply not enough to keep your treasures in boxes or on cards,

  jump in to make them mainstream in your decor! Find inspiration in

  these projects  and live with your buttons!



  Every home used to have a button tin, and generations of small

  children busied little hands by sifting, sorting and aligning the

  buttons by size and color. Carry that delight forward as they age

  with these fun button projects for kids and their big kid friends!


  What better way to show family, friends and the world!…that you

  love buttons than to wear button jewelry! Use these easy-to-follow

  directions to create your one-of-a-kind button statement. 


  Buttons and fabric go together just like needle and thread!

  Incorporate these design suggestions to style your clothing and

  accessories in ways that are unique to you and your hobby.  These

  easy-to-follow directions will guide you in creating your one-of-a-

  kind fashion statement. 


  Creating with Buttons Article by Suzanne Proulx