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Price includes free shipping in the US, all fees and a $5 donation to NBS. You are invited to check out after each purchase but pay by check at the end of this event or when you are done purchasing buttons. This will save NBS the handling fees. Mail checks payable to NBS to: Marion Nebiker NBS, 6190 Travers Way, San Diego CA 92122-2129. If that is inconvenient, you can certainly pay with a credit card. 


Paulie Rollins lives in Chehalis WA, and has been a miniature art specialist since her teenage years.  She fell in love with the button world about 15 years ago and has been creating for button collectors ever since.  The woods and beaches where Paulie grew up nearly always make their presence known in her artwork.  The family lived where they never saw another soul for 4 years except when airplanes brought food, mail and school books once a month.  The only toys were those that were created from the imagination using all the nature around them, and it put Paulie's imagination into overdrive where it still pushes her artwork to new boundaries nearly every day.