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I'm definitely not a perfectionist. So when I discovered the world of making crazy quilts, I knew it was for me. Nothing is wrong and nothing has to be perfectly right in making a crazy quilt because anything goes.

I enjoy all the home gentle arts and their cultural histories in the fiber world. I like weaving, felting, basketry, needle punch, appliqué of all sorts, hand embroidery and any other textile surface design.
In fact, I earned a BFA in Fiber Surface Design from Oregon State University. My studies were in weaving, chemical and natural dyeing, history of clothing and the textile sciences.

Crazy Quilt Buttons with micro buttons
3-dimensional embroidery or Brazilian embroidery was developed during the 1970’s when missionaries tried to teach the rainforest natives a cottage industry during the construction of the Brazilian National Highway in South America.

Needle tatting
For the life of me, I can’t do tatting with a shuttle but have found a satisfactory method with a needle.

Wool work
These are my wool work and textural influences from textile artist Sue Spargo who was born in Zambia and grew up in South Africa.

Like the rest of us, I enjoy studying, developing and creating new discoveries in the fiber arts and will continue to do so. I make small samples of studies and turn them into buttons ever since I entered the button world.