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Price includes free shipping in the US, all fees and a $5 donation to NBS. You are invited to check out after each purchase but pay by check at the end of this event or when you are done purchasing buttons. This will save NBS the handling fees. Mail checks payable to NBS to: Marion Nebiker NBS, 6190 Travers Way, San Diego CA 92122-2129. If that is inconvenient, you can certainly pay with a credit card. 


I began collecting buttons when I was 9 years old.  At that time I collected only out of relative and friends button boxes. I accumulated about ten-thousand buttons during that time. After high school my buttons got stored in my room and I moved to Denver.  A number of years later I met Al Schulz.  We got married in 1967 and moved to Wisconsin in 1970 for Al’s first job after college graduation. 

In 1980, when visiting my parents, my mother told me I needed to take my button collection home with me and do something with it.  She reminded me that there were two Ivory buttons in the collection that were hand carved in a Missionary Girls School in India, where a missionary friend of ours was a teacher.  So, I took the collection home, sorted through them, and found the special ones she wanted me to look for.  I also found several other buttons that looked quite special.  I went to the library to look for information about those special buttons.  The only thing I found was the “The National Button Bulletin” which was with the periodical section. Thinking it was a “magazine” I decided to order it.  Little did I know that in ordering the “magazine” I was actually joining a club and that I would be President of that club about 30 years later.  I have been involved in the Local, State & National organizations since 1980.  I collect a wide variety of kinds of buttons, some by the material they were made of and others because of the subject that is on the button.

In 1994 I purchased my first buttons collection from a local collector, we started our business, Button Images, and we began selling buttons at Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana State Button Shows.  Since then we have purchased quite a few other collections and expanded our travels to 10 different states, a Regional Show and the National show.  Prior to the pandemic we were going to 14 Button Shows a year.  Every show we attend is much like attending a family reunion!  We get to renew acquaintances with longtime friends and make new friends! 

With all of our travels I wanted something to do in the car, while Al drove.  So, I began making counted cross stitch buttons, using a wide variety of patterns (or part of a pattern) and subjects.  There are times when I can not find a pattern for a particular subject I want, so I create my own pattern as I go.  That is how the button for this NBS project came about. 

Al has set up a website where we sell buttons, and button cleaning and mounting supplies.