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Price includes free shipping in the US, all fees and a $5 donation to NBS. You are invited to check out after each purchase but pay by check at the end of this event or when you are done purchasing buttons. This will save NBS the handling fees. Mail checks payable to NBS to: Marion Nebiker NBS, 6190 Travers Way, San Diego CA 92122-2129. If that is inconvenient, you can certainly pay with a credit card. 


I live with my husband in rural, Southern Delaware and I've been a woodworker for about 7 years. One can make only so many cool little boxes and so I started making buttons which combined two loves.

With a short attention span comes a variety of styles. My habitats contain dried items mostly found in my gardens or walks in my neighborhood. The glass mosaics appeal to my need for bright cheery color. The treasure drums satisfy a desire for teeny tiny collections of junk and my geometrics for my inability to draw figures. All of these are contained in wood bases that I make myself and have recessed shanks. Buttons with items in them or natural materials are protected with a glass lens.

It's continues to be a journey that is really enjoyable and I can't wait to see where it goes next!

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