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Lynn P. (Pagel) Breutzmann


I started making buttons in 1992-93 because I wanted to give my mom, who was a rather new collector, something special for her birthday. I had just enrolled in my first stoneware ceramics class at the local art center, so the 2 things coincided. 

By about 2000, my buttons were getting better, and I was also learning raku, another ceramic firing process that was very exciting to me. Then I started making both types of buttons. I prefer making sew-thrus as opposed to chunky self-shanks.

In 2011, I was beyond excited upon discovering that Elizabeth Huges had included 3 of my buttons in the revised, 2 volume set of the Big Book of Buttons. You can find them on page 49. 

I never kept track of how many buttons I have made or sold. Probably less than 300 over a 30-year period. I have given dozens to NBS and FL state show auctions over the years. I made some for all of the juniors a couple of times. I also have made a few novelties that measure 6-12 inches that were also donated to shows for fundraising. 

I have used many methods to make designs: hand carved, hand drawn, hand sculpted, molded from found objects, stamped, cookie cutters, texture plates and more.  I am currently still making buttons as circumstances permit. 

Buttons made from 1993-2011 are backmarked "LP" for Lynn Pagel. In 2012 I divorced and then started marking them "LB" for Lynn Breutzmann. All also have the 2 or 4 digit year made on the back. 


RAKU CERAMIC:  lantern, palm tree and pig 

STONEWARE CERAMIC: bee, bowl, iris, owls and maple leaf stepping stone