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What does one do when they retire at 57? Well, in my case, two things that have always been on my bucket list but that my work life did not allow time for: silversmithing and lampwork. 

As a collector of buttons for over 35 years my intent was to create buttons. 

In 2017 I began silversmith lessons followed by lampwork in 2019. After puttering away at both for a few years trying to determine my own style I started to combine the two by hand hammering fine silver sheet or sterling sheet into various subject matter; piercing, filing and polishing each piece. I make two types of buttons: glass set in hand-fabricated metal settings and glass lampwork with encased, hand- hammered fine silver inclusions. 

Earlier this year I opened an Etsy shop where you can find my designs under the shop name EtherealButtonWorks. I hope you enjoy my buttons as much as I enjoyed making them!

Here are examples of my work. At right, apaperweight cabachon, 1-3/4" hand-hammered fine silver seahorse encased over a sea of blue and silver dichroic glass.

Row 1 below

Lampwork peacock eye set in a hand fabricated peacock feather, 1-1/4" sterling setting.

Paperweight cabachon, hand-hammered fine silver elephant encased over blue and silver dichroic glass with bees.

Paperweight cabachon, hand-hammered fine silver fish encased over a sea of blue and silver dichroic glass.

Row 2 below

Handhammered fine silver scissors incased over polka-dot dichroic glass imitating fabric. Turquoise 7/8" base.

Side view. I call these my soufflĂ© designs due to the shape similarity.

Handhammered fine silver waterbird encased over blue and dichroic glass. 7/8"

Row 3 below
Hand hammered silver encased over blue and dichroic with goldstone lampworked branch 1/2 in

Hand hammered dragonfly encased over rainbow dichroic 1 1/2 in

Hand hammered hummingbird encased over blue and dichroic 1-1/2" with lampworked flowers