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I grew up in Atlanta, GA but am currently living in Santa Fe, NM to be near grandchildren.   Before moving to Santa Fe I was a member of the Peach State Button Club in Atlanta, a wonderful group!  I'm actually a miniature artist who discovered buttons about 12 years ago.  I've been in miniature clubs and gone to miniature conventions, shows and workshops all over the country for 30 years.  I've also been to the Kensington Dollhouse show in London on a trip for miniature enthusiasts.  I was in 2 miniature clubs in Atlanta and now a club in Albuquerque, NM. 

All this exposure and networking has enabled me to learn skills and techniques in working with tiny things and to procure some of the supplies I have for my little button tray replicas (as I like to call them).  I started making them to finance my button collecting at button shows.  Since I'm really a miniature potter I mainly make the mini button tray replicas just before attending a button show where I can show them personally to people I know who like them.  The rest of the time I'm generally working on miniature pottery for my next miniature show. 

Making my little button trays is a multi-step process starting with an idea or a background and adding depth to a dollhouse picture frame so as to accommodate the the little "buttons" or tiny button related objects.  In other words I have to add more wood or some sort of material to the back of the frame before assembly to make it deeper.  I very carefully glue a piece of clear acetate to the frame to make them look like they are under glass.  I advise my customers not to touch/rub the acetate because fingerprints will show. I try to make the backs very sturdy so they can be mounted on a full size button tray.  All have a shank on the back.  

Shown are examples of the button trays I brought to the NBS National and also examples of my miniature wheel thrown dollhouse scale pottery.



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