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In honor of National Button Week, March 19-25, NBS is honoring 25 of our studio artists! Each artist has created a limited series of 20 buttons for our spring fest, BUTTONS GOIN’ GREEN. Each midnight March 1-25 the 20 buttons to be sold the next day will be unveiled.

STARTING FEBRUARY 1, you may pre-purchase, unseen, the buttons on the artist page or at the NBS Store. Buy buttons unseen or wait for the reveal, taking a chance that the buttons don't sell out. 

Sales prices include the button, shipping, PayPal fees, and a $5 donation to NBS for our Website Fund. We are excited to bring focus to our studio artists and appreciate their willingness to help NBS fund a much-needed upgrade to our website.

Click the artist's name AT LEFT to see the page with information about them and samples of their past work. Here are the artists and the date of their button unveiling! 

March 1      Nancy De DuBois

March 2      Eileen Lyster 

March 3      Janet White 

March 4      Francis Arapis  

March 5      Chris Shreve

March 6      Susan Pippin

March 7      Martha DuPlessis    

March 8      Paulie Rollins

March 9      Caroline Gilderson-Duwe

March 10    Kay Ferguson

March 11    Lynn Pagel Breutzmann 

Marcy 12    Bess Mott 

March 13    Diane Almeyda   

March 14    Katie Cooper  (Rzanski)

March 15    Nancy Miller 

March 16    Laurie Hanson

March 17    Lisa Schulz  

March 18    Karen Cohen  

March 19    Janet Koda

March 20    Narcie Alexander

March 21    Anne Seltzer    

March 22    Paulie Rollins

March 23    Nancy De DuBois

March 24    Katie Cooper  (Rzanski)

March 25    Nancy De DuBois

To save NBS PayPal fees, you are invited to check out after each purchase but pay by check at the end of this event or when you are done purchasing buttons. Mail checks payable to NBS to: 

         Marion Nebiker NBS, 6190 Travers Way, San Diego CA 92122-2129

For questions, send an email to

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