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Creative Challenge #13 


 For this challenge, use buttons to    CONSTRUCT OR ENHANCE any item you  wish!  We might not have room for a car  on the showroom floor, but we could try!    How will you make the value of the whole  greater with the addition of buttons? Or  will you construct a replica of the Eiffel  Tower? The Matterhorn?  Lake Wobegon?    What totally YOU way can you call  attention to buttons? Can you put a smile  on our face when we lay eyes on your creation?

BEST OF ALL:  You don’t have to bring it to the convention:  take pictures and compete online!!!

Have FUN!

Click here for a PDF of this Challenge.

Each entry requires a $3 entry fee.

Fees may be paid from the main CREATIVE CHALLENGES web page

or at the NBS Store. Click the squares to select your challenge(s).

Enter as often as you like!

Everyone can participate online OR at the convention! 

JUNIORS compete FREE against other juniors in all categories

All entries require only 5 buttons minimum, & IMAGINATION!

No limit on the number of entries per Challenge per person.

All entries should be submitted:

          1.  On site on Monday at the NBS convention OR

          2.  Online via email by August 1 for a digital competition. 

Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for each Challenge. 

PLUS, People’s-Choice Awards—for online and for on site.

Entries will be shared on the NBS Creative website pages.

Questions? Email us at

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