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     Using the framework of the NBS Classification Blue Book, this presentation highlights samples of antique, vintage, and modern pictorial vegetable ivory buttons.  Beginning and intermediate collectors will gain general information about vegetable ivory buttons and come away with a greater understanding of the four pictorial sections for competition.

Fri  9:00pm  Chat—IS THIS A COLT BUTTON?   Judy Masur

     Judy will briefly describe the association of Colt's plastics division to buttons. There won’t be time for an in-depth study of all Colt designs, but Judy will show her worksheets for some lookalikes and explain how they differ from real Colts. Shanks will be covered as well, and questions and discussion will follow.

Sat 2pm    Chat—HOW OLD IS MY BUTTON ?   Martha Duplessis and Team

     An overview of button characteristics that help to determine age. Attendees can send in pics of their buttons in advance. Please send pictures of the front and back of the button you would like info on to Alternatively, have your button pictures ready to screen share on the zoom chat”

Sat  4pm   Chat—IDENTIFYING CONVERSIONS  Sallie Gibson

Examples of the things that you really DON'T want to include on your competition tray.

Sat 7:30pm Chat—TRUE PEARLS AND THEIR COUSINS   Beth Schaut

      A look at the similarities and differences of Pearls, Mabe pearls, "Osmena" Pearls and shell lookalikes. The differences in production will be explained and examples shared as represented on buttons.

Sat  9pm  Chat—UNIFORM BUTTONS   Joanne Irons

     Uniform buttons…yawn and boring, right? Not at all. They encompass travel, political and family histories, the military plus the fun and games in societies and clubs. Together we can discover interesting ways to incorporate uniform buttons into your button collection.  And I’ll illuminate some point-getting strategies for your competition trays using uniform buttons.  See you at the Octoberfest Button Chat. 

Sun  2pm  HOW OLD ARE YOUR PASTES?   Sue Dickout

     Faceted glass pieces, or pastes, have been set in metal buttons since the 1700s.  Do you know the basic features to look for, to tell you whether your glass-in-metal paste buttons are 18th 19th or 20th century? This presentation has been expanded from the Winter Fest 2022 chat session, with more examples.

Sun  4-6pm  SUPER STUDS I HAVE KNOWN & LOVED    Peggy Ann Osborne

     Peg will discuss a very personal passion for studs that has loomed large in her life for nearly four decades. She candidly recalls the first stud she was ever attracted to: she saw it, coveted it, paid for it, and took it home—a fateful moment that proved the old adage: the more you get, the more you want. Her addiction to studs grew into an obsession.

     Though she still swoons for superb specimens—true super studs—she also seeks a wide variety regardless of their looks, size, shape, age, or national origin; she hunts for the elegant as well as the more ordinary: some are rare like the finest wine, others far more pedestrian. Some are  pricey, but worth it. Others are cheap but have their own charms.  And secretly, she harbors a  rather intense affection for studs that are truly quirky.

     This two-hour interactive presentation highlights the often-neglected step-sister of button collecting; it’s designed to appeal to experienced stud lovers, and others who’ve wanted to collect but wonder how to begin. And it may appeal to those who are very, very curious: mentioning that you collect studs does that to people.
     The program outlines the extraordinary breadth and diversity of studs. Peggy Ann will share how she organizes her collection, using a comprehensive stud outline she put together, laid out in a manner very similar to our button classification. Her collection is separated into categories very familiar to buttoners: materials, subject matter,  and purpose or usage, further split into groups representing nearly all of the sub-categories in the Blue Book. She insists it is possible to fill in each of those large and smaller niches using only studs. Finally, she’ll  talk about the large stud groups nearly or entirely non-existent as buttons, some of which are her personal favorites


     The program presents a history of buttons and their use in fashion from about 1200 to 1900.  Illustrating this history will be pictures of buttons (of course!), fashion dolls and fashions - as portrayed in paintings and as preserved by museums. 

     As well as the pictures, there are many fascinating stories about these topics:

  • Did you know that the Vatican declared that front buttoned women’s clothing in about the 1300s was the devil’s work?  
  • Did you know that Mary, Queen of Scots had fashion dolls which have been recently discovered?

Sun  9pm   Chat:  LOOKING AT GLASS BUTTON BACKSIDES with  Marilyn Miller

      Here’s a chat for the beginner by a beginner! Let’s look at each shank type found on glass buttons. Just how did they prevent clothing malfunctions in the good ole’ days? If you have interesting or unusual shanks, be sure to have some images ready to share!

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