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The Fest is over and we thank you for your feedback! 

Spring Fest Poll Results

Thank you to all 291 members who responded to the poll! Our three button winners are:  Marilyn Sandfrey, Kathy Hoppe, and Diane Almeyda! Your packages will be in the mail!

   We very much appreciate everyone's comments. Some great suggestions will be incorporated to make our fests better. It is so helpful to receive your feedback, as putting our heads together really does bring fresh ideas out and that is exciting!

FEST--Did you attend any of the Spring Fest presentations?

Total 291 votes       No      167             Yes    124

FEST--If you answered YES above, were you satisfied

Total 131 votes       Yes    118              No      13

FEST--If you answered NO to #1, why did you not attend? 

Total 181 votes     Scheduling conflict                  110

                           Unaware of the Fest                  21

                           Computer/internet challenge      19

                           Other                                      19

                           Not interested                          12

STUDIO ARTISTS--Did you look  at the studio artists buttons?

Total 291 votes       Yes    220              No      71

STUDIO ARTISTS--Did you purchase any studio buttons?

Total 284 votes       No      201              Yes    83

STUDIO ARTISTS--would you like to see this event again next spring?

Total 262 votes       Yes    239            No     23

COMMENTS: (176 people submitted comments)

I thought this was a GREAT idea! I was able to become better acquainted with the various studio button makers. Very educational. I wish I had known about the other presentations. (my own fault). Yes, do this again!

"The spring fest was great! Programs were awesome! Loved everything about the event!

Well organized and professional❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

"Just recently started collecting buttons and I'm finding NBS wonderful for resources. Unfortunately, this convention clashed with my vacation which meant I didn't always have internet access. I was also +12hrs to Eastern Time but managed to watch a few by setting alarm to waken me!

I'm so glad I joined the society and look forward to further online conventions and entering competitions (at least creative ones for now) online too.

My thanks go to all involved for the work that went into the convention and NBS website in general."

This was very exciting.. every day... lots of talk among collectors about the offerings.... I really enjoyed this event

"The Spring Fest was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kudos to the planners and presenters.

I did not purchase a studio artist button this year but hope to next year. I'm glad that NBS showcased these artists and their buttons."

So exciting to see artist work from names I've never heard. Some are true masterpieces! Love the opportunity to connect names and faces across the miles at the fest, besides the immersion in buttons!

A good way to see the works of some newer artists

This was a fantastic and informative event. I hope it becomes an annual event!

Great speakers, enjoyed all the talks I attended.

There are some very talented studio artists who have wonderful talent. Thanks

I would prefer to not have a blind buy, seeing the buttons before purchase seems much firer

I was one of the studio artists represented and I thought it was incredibly well done! Kudos to those involved in making it such a successful event!

I just tried to attend the first session. I was scared when they talked about NBS zoom getting hacked, and then the presenter had a bit of trouble, so I gave up. None of the other sessions interested me.

Great programs with many buttons I have never seen before. I was amazed at the knowledge of the speakers. Keep up the Zoom presentations!

I was not able to attend any of the online presentations due to my 3 kid's activities and working full-time. I really enjoyed visiting the NBS site every day to check out the new button of the day. Even though I didn't purchase any, I thought it was really fun! I'm impressed with all the studio artists and their work! The only suggestion I might make is to allow some sort of description of the button when they website is live for buying sight unseen. Not to give away the entire button, but to give an idea of what type of button it might be since some of the studio artists use many different types of media. In my case jasperware and satsuma-like or even a china-painted realistic are all very different types of buttons. Maybe size too? Overall, I had a lot of positive feedback from collectors that purchased my buttons. They thought it was fun too! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of this!

Thrilled about the event and the buttons! Thank you

I'd like to be included as an artist someday!!!!

"Perhaps not so many. I heard from a couple of people that they didn't understand the whole, buy it early process. Maybe a different way to do that? The process for buying and paying was super easy! Still waiting for Janet Koda's and Kay's buttons, but the others have come.

Very fun process.

This is it?? This is all you want to know for the poll?? You don't want to know that the programs were nice. I liked 2/5 days, and starting late. It didn't overwhelm me. Loved the great marketing of it.

I would LOVE to have one fest oriented toward new and non-collectors. 2 days of what do we do, how to we do it, and little introductions. Not a lot of classification talk. :) You guys are all fantastic. Kudos to the team!!!"

I didn’t realize until it was too late that you could purchase the artist’s buttons before the day they were revealed… so the artists I was interested in were already sold out … was disappointed in that… it made lose a little interest of logging in each day to see the reveal.

I think both events are a real boost for NBS. I hope both are continued.

Studio artists I had interest in were sold out before I could buy

Studio buttons aren't within my area of interest, but I know they are for many others.

It's nice but I don't collect those and they expensive when I don't collect them.

Very fun!

Keep up the events. They are wonderful. I missed this one due to a scheduling conflict and also because I am not interested in Studio Buttons. But, I have joined in other NBS offerings.

The Studio Artist event has created a renewed interest in studio buttons and it is a credit to the artists themselves. As always I learned something new every time I attend one of the presentations, I can see them over and over again. Everyone was so understanding of the accidental recreational programming interuption.

Artist buttons were not ready to be sold when I went into the sight, but when I went back, they were sold out. Never could buy from the artist I wanted to buy from. The times of the classes were better scheduled or space out than they were at the last Fest. Love the Button Fests.

I haven't received all of my buttons yet but I know they will arrive shortly

The Studio Artist event was fabulous! I was able to "meet" several artists i had been unfamiliar with, and the monthlong event gave me time to read about all the artists and to decide whose buttons I wanted to buy. It was also good that there was a price range for the buttons offered. I bought three buttons that I am absolutely thrilled with. The artistry that every one of these artists displayed was impressive. I also really enjoyed reading about them and seeing examples of their work. Bravo to everyone involved! Please do the again!

I really enjoyed the presentations this Spring. I also liked the opportunity to purchase studio buttons from the talented artists that are members of the NBS. I hope that we are able to do this again next year.

I wasn't very excited about the class topics this time. Also I missed some because I didn't realize the times were East Coast time. Would like to see something on identifying various plastics, dating shank types, presentations on button history (not just classification).

Enjoyed presentations I was able to attend. I was horrified when the Shell program was hacked. Hopefully that want be a continuing problem.

Absolutely loved Matthew’s coin buttons presentation. I collect and research solely china buttons, which is why I didn’t look at the studio button offerings.

"Enjoyed talks & the studio artists part was fun. Curious how it worked as a fundraiser - which is probably on the website somewhere.. How many7 funds were raised -- again could likey check on reports, etc.

I really congratulate the women of NBS for their commitment to their membership.

As I lilve in Australia, these events have been a wonderful addition to membership."

Loved the fundraiser idea….I pre purchased 4 buttons… and pleased with all..

I'm neutral on the studio artist event!

I wish I could attend some of the Texas club meetings and showings, but at my age, I just cannot travel anymore. I just collect Livery buttons from my home.

"Thanks for providing us with the opportunity to purchase studio buttons. I received some really wonderful pieces to add to my collection!


"T'was fun to see all the different ideas around a theme from the button artists.

Congrats to all who helped make this Spring Fest a successful event! - at least it seemed so from my corner of the internet :)"

I really enjoyed seeing these artists

Sorry I was unable to attend

I found them quite expensive and many did not fit in with my focos on what I like to collect.

Yes, with a different theme.

Sorry I missed my chance to see the studio buttons I'm on a limit income right now and didn't want to be tempted.

I could not get on the site-not very well with the computer-the site is too advanced for me.Still a member tho.

"I know that you need to offer other artists next spring, but I hope Nancy Dubois would still be able to offer buttons if next year if she wants to. I bought from multiple artists.

I watched and enjoyed Annie Frazier’s three short programs on shell buttons/blue book. But they are easily available on YouTube where I have watched them several times. So I would have preferred the opportunity to see additional info. Perhaps Annie doing a program on tingue buttons or ?"

"I missed the sessions I wanted due to conflicts. But hoped/knew I'd get a chance to see them when I edited the videos.


This was a wonderful idea. Hopefully, in the future, even more members will take advantage of being able to purchase great buttons from our Studio Button Artists and also enjoy wonderful programs provided by other members. Thank you for all your hard work putting this together.

Very nicely done, thankyou for all the work you put into setting it up.

"Hello, It is difficult for me to set aside time for online events because of personal constraints. It would be nice if NBS offered an online profile of the event content which could be reviewed at any time. I wanted to join in the pearl button discussion, but could not.

The studio button event was fantastic and exciting even though the process of unveiling took quite a long time. A few of the studio artist's offerings did not appear on my computer....but that could be because of my computer which needed repair earlier in the month. I enjoyed reading about each artist and viewing their other work as well.


I was unfortunately moving 1300 miles away during the Spring Fest, during which I got the flu!

I enjoyed learning more about studio artists/buttons

"ZOOM presentations need to be more closely screened as to who is allowed access.

Purchasing studio buttons sight unseen was disappointing and awkward."

I live in the Uk, so couldn/t attend

"I enjoyed reading about each of the studio artists, and learning about the buttons they make. As a fiber artist, it was very inspiring - hmmm I may attempt to make a few of my own!

I look forward to more programs, and online events! I have learned a tremendous amount -- I cant thank you enough for all you do! "

I feel any event that brings our members together is a bonus. Button friends are the best.

I am actually optional on the studio artist as I do not actively collect them except for a few specialty items and show favors. Nevertheless I enjoyed seeing and following the event.

Sure. I do not purchase or am not interested in studio buttons If this generates interest in our group then that's great. Arts and crafts can overlap with button collecting in our group.

Fun event!

My life is very full right now and so I am not spending much time on the computer. Also, I don’t collect many studio buttons.

I always learn something new every time you have sessions on zoom. Thanks you to all that helped to put this together.

I wished I could see everything at once, lost track of days that studio buttons were up, or I Just did not understand this concept

I tried to purchase a studio button but I was unable to find any links easily and by the time I was able to, they were sold out.

"I enjoyed all the presentations I attended. I only missed the very last one. So much wonderful information. My favorite was the “Same but Different” (doppelgänger). It was real insight into how subjective judging can be. I hope NBS continues to offer these types of Zoom presentations.

The blue book presentation was very helpful! I would still like to learn more about the blue book.

I’ve attended zoom meetings where we had to register in advance. Is that something NBS could do? It might help with keeping out the hackers. "

"Loved the surprise aspect.

Buttons were beautiful and I think the Artists outdid themselves."

Need to change process for admitting people to Zoom presentations so that a repeat of the pornography I witnessed does not happen again. Don't allow link to be publicly displayed such as on Facebook.

The dedication of you all is fabulous. Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I enjoyed every bit of it, even though I didn't buy any buttons.

I don't collect Studio buttons so that part didn't apply to me, but I know other people like them. I love the presentations and getting to learn more about the buttons I collect. That's the bit I love. If there was a sale of buttons from dealers I'd love that too.

"I wanted to purchase a few of the studio buttons, but by the time I was up and starting my day, they were sold out.

I liked all the presentations. Great speaker lineup!

Thank you for all your hard work NBS in presenting this!


A great learning experience for me. Have seen the buttons and heard of the names. Being able to log in later in the day, I was able to put the names, faces and their talents all together. Although I was not able to afford too much, I later went to the artist websites and purchased one of their works.

"I was very happy with my buttons,they are beautiful.I guessed well.Maybe next year could be shorter time to wait, it was too hard to wonder what I would get. Thanks for Everything!!!


"I liked that there were fewer presentations this year with plenty of time for discussion in between.

All of the presentations that I attended had excellent photos, information and style of presenting the information.

Attracting younger members requires good computer skills and photos if we are going to succeed in reeling them in to enjoying our organization as well as collecting buttons.




I really enjoyed the event. Thank you

Loved, loved, loved the daily reveal of studio artists’ work, and their bios

I LOVE the studio button fest! I enjoyed receiving the ones I purchaded and the ones online I did not. I very much enjoyed being included as an artist!

It was nice to see new activities that generated interest. I didn’t buy studio buttons, but enjoyed button friends talk about it. Thank you for all you do.

Wonderful programs, information and introductions to a variety of artists and mediums. I hope it was a successful fundraiser. Button hobby offers such opportunities.

I spent too much money but love the buttons!

Computer challenged.

Maybe add some non-studio. Like the NBS auction at a national -- donated.

I like to see what I buy

If it was a good fun raiser Yes

"thank you, I really enjoyed the Buttons Goin' Spring Green Fest, I have learn a lot about Buttons.... very educational to me in my Button World...


I plan to retire soon so will have more time hopefully to see presentations. I have enjoyed some of the button room discussions. Love the website. Thanks!

The SpringFest was well done with a great variety of topics. I loved the Studio Button Artist fundraiser and hope you repeat it again next year.

Great idea but mostly sold out way ahead, which was disappointing.

Some talks were way too lengthy. A good talk should last 30 to 40 minutes and 15 minutes for questions. I'd rather see part 1 and then part 2 on another day rather than sit for 2+ hours at a time. They were exhausting. Thank you.

"I was not aware of a few of the button artists that showed buttons so that was a good opportunity to see their work.

I'm not big on surprises but I loved the buttons I bought.

Presentations are always great and such a good way to build community."

I LOVED the studio artists event! I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve; staying up each night until the button was unveiled at midnight!!! Thank you to all involved for us to have SO much FUN! :)

I didnt see any agenda items in the spring button fest that interested me. The studio buttons were beautiful I looked at your posts but they were much too expensive for me. I did find the profiles of the artists very interesting and read through each one.

Getting to know the artists was a great opportunity for this button collector and the chance to possibly own one I wanted to collect. It was fun and I hope you do it again and maybe I will get a chance to buy one of the artists buttons I missed. Thank you for all that effort that went into Spring Fest.

button reveals should be at time stated. Not late and not early.

This was my first event and learned a great deal.The studio artists’ backgrounds were fascinating and buttons very creative. French history of button presentation was memorable.

As my life hopefully becomes less busy I hope to attend more online auctions and seminars like this to learn more about buttons and appreciate the art of them.

I did not understand how to purchase the studio artist buttons. If I had purchased one, maybe it would have led me through and I did not try that.

Very fun and I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks for offering this fun way to see what our studio artists are doing.

I like to see the buttons even if I don't purchase any. Zoom programs were wonderful, I really learned a lot.

There was only a "Yes"/"No" answer for this. For future polls an "Other" or similarly worded option would be good. So, I chose "Yes" and this is why... Even though I did not purchase any of the Studio Artists buttons, it is still interesting to see them. I am sure some did purchase the buttons. Would I purchase a Studio Artist button ... perhaps. Thank you

I think Joy Journeay handled the pornography bombing very well. Love my studio artist buttons!

I think you mean the zoom presentations? Tried the one on Shell, but before it even started pornography popped up. I tried to get back in later, but the issue was not yet resolved (nothing on the screen except NBS logo). Didn't try anymore.

Love the button Artists! It was so nice to meet new ones. Some confusion on how to get a check to Marion though. May need to get us trained or smooth the process out.

"I don't know the criteria for studio buttons. I prefer vintage/antique buttons myself. Sure, it should be offered next year, for those who create & for those who collect & those who study or may want to view them in some manner. Perhaps more history, visuals, or information in general could be offered on studio buttons.


Some of the studio artist buttons were absolutely exquisite and some were not. I was disappointed with a few of the artists and thought they were way overpriced. I will be more careful with my pre-ordering next year. Overall I felt it was a very successful project. I enjoyed the Spring Fest very much. I would like to see a little more variety in the subjects like restoring buttons, how to card them, organization of your work space....that sort of thing. Many thanks to Joy for putting these events together. It was a LOT of work and I appreciate that.

I would prefer that the button sales not start before the fest. It was a great way to promote both the studio artists and create excitement about Button Fest and National Button Week.

Truly a great time. Thanks for all the organization. Susie Smith, Ottawa, ON

I am sorry to say that I was only able to attend 2 sessions.

"Nice poll- I will say at first I thought the Studio Artist questions were for the Studio Artists!

This event rocked. Many thanks to all of you who made it happen. Deb."

Just getting started, not ready to buy the studio buttons yet but looking forward to next time around

"I liked the refresh of parts 1 & 2 of the Shell Buttons ahead of part 3. Studs were fascinating as I know little about them and have been interested to know more. Niello was interesting because I have a few pieces of jewelry of Niello and Damascene. Now I know the difference. Matthew was fascinating, as always. May he be willing to keep us all informed on whatever he wants to. I misssed the last program, as I had another commitment.

Thank you for presenting a wonderful weekend."

I really enjoyed the studio button artist event! I love the pieces I purchased, and talking with the artists after I got the buttons. What a fun event! Thank you!

I was only able to attend one presentation due to international time differences and work commitments but enjoy what I could attend!

I thought it was awesome! I looked forward each night to the "reveals" (at 10pm since I'm on Mountain time) and the presentations were informative. As one of the artists I was a nervous wreck wondering if my buyers would like my button but when the thank you's came in I was very elated at the responses. I heard from about 3/4's of my buyers. My only feedback is that out-of-country customers should pay the extra shipping. I priced my buttons based on approx. $5 in shipping costs. The cost to Canada was over $15. Thanks to all who put so much work into it as volunteers. You did a wonderful thing for NBS members and for us studio artists.

Yes! It was a good way to view Artists we have never seen before.

enjoyed it very much. Haven't much time to peruse the computer during the day and only possibly 2 evenings a week. Next year ya never know, so i'll hope there will be one!! Michelle Don's daughter.

Format for studio artist buttons was unfair and cumbersome. Show the buttons so we know what we are buying. Show them all at the same time so we can select among all. Don't make us log in day after day to see unveilings.

Loved the Studio Artist Event. I just do not have button money in the budget right now. Plus i am about to retire so i hope to have time to attend more events in the future

I couldn't purchase as money was tight, sigh. I'm sure next time will be able!! Smiles

Lovely works of Art

"I am very new member so I don't have much to say but I so enjoy the educational things you have going on. They are awesome! Thank you so much!


I very much enjoy all the zoom presentations and try not to miss any of them

I just can not get into hardly any of the selling sites, especially if they have moving things on them

Sorry, I'm not a fan of studio buttons.

As a new button collector I appreciate all the effort put into the programs and meetings that are offered on zoom.

Have more give-aways like this one. And more auctions.

I believe my membership was renewed by you by accident? I didn’t request to be a member. I tried membership a few yrs ago as a new button collector. Local program no one would contact me. So hard to understand book, language of members when virtually attending meetings so dropped out. Now suddenly I’m getting emails, books etc. Tried again to watch a meeting or two virtually. Again, I just don’t understand terms, language etc. Not complain, just answering your question. I also emailed NBS membership director asking to cancel membership - no reply. Frustrating as I would like to save you the money from postal costs.

I had a family reunion in Death Valley that weekend and did not have any WiFi or cell service. I am looking forward to watching the presentations on line. Thank you all for your great work.

Loved the whole concept

Would have loved to spend more time at Spring Fest events; just turned out to be too busy a time for me this year.

My current computer is not exactly responsive any longer. Consequently I am in the market to replace this computer. Hopefully I will have better access to things that interest me.

I learned a lot from the presentations. Very well done.

love this organization. thank you.

"The quality and artistry varied from button maker to button maker. It was sad seeing some studio button artist not sell their buttons compared with others that sold out as soon as they were released.


I would have attended some of the show, but right now, my family care obligations had to take first priority. I just had too many tasks that needed to be taken care of.

Sorry I missed it. I must have overlooked it in the email.

The Studio Artist Event was too drawn out and I was disappointed with some of the offerings. I know that if you buy blind, you take your chances, but there was no opportunity to buy some at all if you didn’t buy early! I guess that’s the point! It was a great opportunity to learn about Studio Artists and a good fundraiser!!

Brand new to the joy of buttons.

I would have been there with bells on if I had known.

I didn’t click into the sessions because the subjects weren’t of interest to me. The studio button interaction and sale was too complex to try for me. I quickly lost interest when I didn’t know what was being offered and the cost. I do appreciate the Board’s attempts to get more members engaged. The Zoom sessions make NBS more real and useful to me. Thank you for your efforts.

I think it was great for the button artists. I did see them on Facebook.

Whether or not I participate in events doesn't mean I lack interest. Usually, I have a packed schedule that doesn't always mean I can break away for meetings. I thought the topics were wonderful and know people who participated in the studio artist opportunity with great satisfaction. Please continue to make such interesting and diverse perqs of membership available. Thanks. Susan

"I enjoy the creativity of the button artists... would like to see more. I also enjoy how buttons were used in fashion and fashion history - would like to see more of that... Thank you!

I am not a big fan of Zoom. That being said, Its a great tool and has been extremely crucial to reaching out to members so I encourage you to continue this practice. I prefer the meetings in person format. Covid has forced all of us to make many changes! Thank you! Micheline "

I live in Alberta. I work full time and was unable to travel at the time.

I wasn't able to participate in the Spring Fest. I absolutely applaud efforts to expand online activities for participation in the NBS. I do feel feel overwhelmed by email for these events sometimes, making it difficult to sort out what I really might be interested in and making the time to participate. Maybe email can be more targeted in terms of what the activity is specifically.

Thanks for organizing events like this! Hope to attend next time.

I had a health issue that kept me curtailed in doing things I usually enjoyed.

We have had limited time.

I do not collect studio buttons.

not actively collecting but did follow.

Fabulous event! Thank you all for your time and energy.

Not active with buttons during that time due to Husband's illness and death.

Computer problems with zoom

I wanted to see the buttons, but had so much conflict that I decided not to get involved and put myself behind in my duties.

If we start to do this every spring it may get stale. Perhaps we can do something like a sale that is of nice buttons that are put up to be sold by members and the proceeds are split between National and the donor. Might get a lot of viewers and participation.

I'm not into studio buttons. I'm only interested in buttons that were actually used as buttons at some point. But the buttons were really fun to look at!

Glad you are keeping active

I am not interested in studio buttons.

"I meant to attend some of it and got sidetracked by family activities. :(


Most if not all the studio buttons where sold out before they were reveiled. It would be nice to be able to see the button before buying or at the minium have a description of materials, design etc.

Thank you for the work you all do to bring us these special events!

I’m in the midst of organizing/reorganizing, mounting, and displaying my button collection right now, and I knew that if I even LOOKED at those studio artist buttons I would BUY them. Yipes! MORE buttons to organize, mount, and display! Oh, my, what to do? Just don’t LOOK at them! Lol!

Just not a happy Zoom user. Also don't enjoy email and being online enough to be very active in this type of activity. At that, I do appreciate that NBS is doing these things. I'm sure our hobby is I am, too! I'm lucky to be part of a club that is meeting in person again. I'm much happier with real live smiles to share along with buttons!

I am a newer member and I really like your emails and fun historic info. Thank you for being so passionate about buttons and history. I really enjoy my membership and local club. Thanks again, Polly

Did not purchase any of the studio buttons as what I wanted sold out so quickly! That is good for the button artist, Bes Mott, but sad for me….however I can always buy from her Etsy shop later, just not the button that was for the NBS show!

No opinion

I meant to go back online and participate however I got busy with other obligations and it slipped my mind dang it.

"I really enjoyed the Spring Fest and the studio button artist. Wish I could have bought more!

Thank you all for making this happen!"

I live in Australia but really enjoy my membership of the NBS

It was fun to buy sight unseen. I felt a little sorry for the artists whose buttons went unbought for whatever reason.

Thanks for the Fest. I plan to participate next year. Virginia A. Johnson

"I enjoyed seeing the studio button artist work Some were new To me


Even though all the studio artists are very talented, I like to see what I'm buying. (If it would fit in with my collection and I don't like surprises)

I was unaware of online function. I prefer to shop in person. But having online access to events and classes would be great if I knew about them or had a reminder.

I was unable to join in due to medical issues. I’m sure it was all wonderful as you have had many great things to offer the membership.

Not computer savvy.

Very well organized event. Hope it will attract more members.

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