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Friday, March 17

6:00pm A Blue Book Study of Shell Buttons—Parts 1&2 Annie Frazier

Part 1: Identification

Part 2: Decorative Finishes and Mechanical Makeup

8:00pm Studs: It’s All About Their Looks Peggy Ann Osborne

     In her second of three stud presentations, Peggy Ann once again uses the NBS Button Classification (Blue Book) to illustrate the breadth of the stud world. Her first stud review was based on MATERIALS.  Part 2 is about collecting studs by subject, theme and motif, following the Blue Book PICTORIAL Sections 17-21 and PATTERNS & SYMBOLS Section 22. 

     So, let’s have some fun: if you’d like to participate, drop an email to Peggy Ann, or to Joy, with your choice—a  type of animal or plant, an occupation, building type, object, transportation, game/sport, pastime, pattern, or symbol—challenging her to show an example of a stud with That motif, during her Zoom program! or

     Examples of the original buttonhole stud, glass to hold a flower, with the glass water-filled tube fitting down into the buttonhole on the lapel, held securely by a nicely textured and detailed enameled brass leaf.   Also in the shot is a celluloid tight-top stud , 1896 political, (and very fitting for today’s U.S. situation!) , and the other is Charlie Chaplin as The Little Tramp on a 1915 or 1916 pot-metal stud.

SATURDAY, March 18

2pm My Love Affair with Niello Thelma Nichols

     About 12 years ago, my husband and I attended  our first - the FL State Button Show with a few buttons I was curious about.  I met Sharon Braund and I was hooked!

     We belong to two local NH button clubs and four state societies.  Currently,  I am President of Twin Valley Button Club which has a growing membership, am Awards Chair and  Membership Chair of the NHSBS and Treasurer of the re-formed NERBA (North East Regional Button Association).  In my spare time, I watch ZOOM programs and play with my buttons of which I have a growing collection!

6:00pm Unbuttoning the Blue Book Merry Jo Thoele

     Join Merry Jo Thoele for an informal chat about the Blue Book and how it can be used to enhance your collecting experience. Whether your copy of the Blue Book is well worn or untouched this chat is for you! Bring your questions/comments and have your Blue Book handy. 

7:30pm A Blue Book Study of Shell Buttons—Part 3 Annie Frazier

Part 3: Mounted in Metal, Other Material Embellishment and Working Methods

SUNDAY, March 19

3:30pm Beyond Face Value: A Closer Look at Coin Buttons   

Matthew Brown

     This presentation will focus on the history of buttons (and other related collectibles) made from coins (and other related objects). We’ll also look  t how these buttons fit into collections of subjects and themes.

     Matthew Brown has lived in France for nearly thirty years and has spent more than twenty of them enthusiastically accumulating buttons, many of them found languishing in tins and jars at rural flea markets in Normandy and Picardy. Buttons and studs made from coins are the most recent addition to the ever-growing list of things he collects.

7:30pm Same Design, Different Materials Sue Dickout & Chris Shreve

     Love a button? Wouldn’t you love it even more if you had it in two materials? Join Sue Dickout and Chris Shreve in a chat exploring this Going Green topic. Have a look at our examples and shop your own collection for a new take on button pairs.

     Sue Dickout was introduced to button collecting by her mother in the 1970s, and then by the Ottawa Valley Button Club in Ottawa, Canada, starting in 2008. She has been club president, member of the NBS Board of Directors, and was elected NBS Secretary in 2022. Sue has attended and volunteered at most National shows since her first in Denver in 2009, while always searching for more beautiful buttons, especially glass in metal and steel.

     When Chris Shreve was sent home with her grandmother’s buttons in 1981, she didn’t have a clue that she’d eventually become an active button collector. A decade had passed after receiving those buttons when a new friend introduced Chris to the Michigan Button Society’s shows. That was the beginning. Chris has been a member of the MBS, the NBS, and two local clubs in Michigan. She’s served as secretary/treasurer and president for the West Michigan Buttoneers; secretary, chair of competition, and bulletin editor for the Michigan Button Society, and the 2006 NBS Convention treasurer when the convention was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Currently, Chris holds the office of president for the Michigan Button Society. She’s also the NBS’s web editor and volunteers as NBS Store Manager. Some of Chris’ favorite buttons are Division I glass (especially swirl backs), bulldogs, and materials mounted in silver.

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