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The National Button society is pleased to include the following button dealers in our showroom at the 2022 Annual Show:

Diane Almeyda (Georgia)

Armchair Auctions (Kansas)

Bruce Beck (Florida)

Claudia Bibber (California)

Sharon Braund (New York)

Gary Brockman (Wisconsin)

Cathy Brown (Pennsylvania)

Matthew Brown (France)

Sheila Brudno (Washington D.C.)

Karen Cohen (Pennsylvania)

Bruce Cole (New Mexico)

Elaine Cossman (California)

Jerry DeHay (Texas)

Ann Dittmar (Illinois)

Alice Eubank (California)

Annie Frazier (Florida)

Mary Gaumond (New Jersey)

Maureen Grant (North Carolina)

Deborah Hanson (Vermont)

Franco Jacassi (Italy)

Mika Jarmusz (Oregon)

Susannah Jordan (Colorado)

Carol Anne Kouyoumdjian (Indiana)

Deborah Layman (Ohio)

Donna Ledoux (New Jersey)

Joan MacFarlane (Oregon)

Christy Mecey (Michigan)

Russa Milburn (Illinois)

Shiho Murota (Japan)

Bib Neiman (Illinois)

Ann Olson (Iowa)

Jane Quimby (New Hampshire)

Millicent Safro/Tender Buttons (New York)

Lisa Schulz/Button Images (Wisconsin)

Judy Schwenk  (Washington)

Linda Sicard (California)

Janet Tutton/Belgravia Antiques (Virginia)

Barbara Weeks (Missouri)


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You may download a PDF of this Dealer Notice.

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