NBS is scheduling a “No Show Show”

for the week during which the National Convention was to be held.   

The 2020 NBS  “No Show Show”


August 2 to 8, 2020

While we have had to cancel our 2020 National Convention, we still need to take care of NBS business and we decided we would also like to provide a couple of programs via Zoom!  So we are holding a “No Show Show” for the week of August 2!

August 2, 2020 (Sunday), 3:15 Central Time:  NBS Board Meeting. 

August 6, 2020 (Thursday)  7:00 pm Central Time:  “A Beginner’s Guide to Aluminum” by Barbara Weeks.  Barbara will be talking about how to distinguish aluminum from other metals and will provide some of the basic visual clues that aid in identification.  She will also talk about the working methods involved, view original sales sample cards and cover how aluminum can be used in competition.  For additional notes see the May Bulletin.

August 7, 2020 (Friday)  12:00 pm (noon) Central Time:  “Got Milk?” by Matthew Brown. Matthew will be looking at the science behind casein and why it was used in the fashion industry.  Casein buttons were at the heart of fashion during the first half of the 20th century and Matthew will trace the history of the first two major decorative arts movements of the century -  Art Nouveau and Art Deco – through casein buttons.  Additional information is in the May Bulletin. 

August 8, 2020 (Saturday)  12:00 pm (noon) Central Time:  Annual Meeting of the National Button Society.  Elections for NBS Officer Positions and NBS Board members will be held as well as the normal business items.  The Annual Meeting of NBS shall be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Classification Committee.  At this time, no changes to the Classification are proposed but members are invited to bring concerns and suggestions to the meeting. 

Please do send in your Absentee Ballots found in the beginning of your May Bulletin!

The scheduled events shall be held via Zoom.  Those wishing to attend the Programs and the Annual Meetings of NBS and the NBS Classification Committee should indicate what they wish to attend and email our Social Media Coordinator, Jean Peterson at:   socialmediacoordinator@nationalbuttonsociety.org

She will send you the information required to join the session(s).  Please know that the limit for attendance is 100 people but we are planning to also record the program sessions so that they may be available for viewing at a later date

Please do come to our Annual Meeting!  A quorum of 50 people is required.  We do need to hold elections at this meeting.  Reports will be posted on the NBS website and the link will be provided with the Zoom instructions for attending the meeting.  (It will likely be posted under “Organization Information” on the members only site.) 

This in person 2020 National Convention has been cancelled.

The hotel has canceled all reservation in the NBS block of rooms.

Do not call the hotel UNLESS you made a hotel reservation, OUTSIDE OF THE BLOCK, if so, call the hotel to cancel your reservation. 

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