Notice to Dealers

All those who wish to be dealers at the NBS show

and who have been NBS members for three years should apply via email to:

Nancy Fink, show manager

starting January 1st, at noon EST of the year of the show. 

Include the number of 6'x30" tables required at $125 per table during the show.

Final contracts will be sent after March 1 to senior dealers with limited tables and 6' spacing between dealers.

with limited tables and 6' spacing between dealers.


Information regarding being a dealer for the National Button Society Conventions:

SENIOR DEALERS:   Dealers who have contracted with NBS for 10 or more years to sell in the showroom will automatically be sent contracts by January 15th of the year of the convention, UNLESS they have not been a dealer for two consecutive years.  Those senior dealers who have not sold for two or more years need to email or write to Nancy Fink to request a contract.  Senior dealers are placed in the showroom before any other contracts are sent.


NON-SENIOR DEALERS:  Dealers who have contracted less than ten years must apply for a contract by emailing Nancy Fink after noon on January 1st of the year of the convention.      (IE: after noon on January 1 of the year for that year's convention.)

The time of receipt as noted on the email will determine the order of dealers placed in the showroom.  Dealers should not use any other email address.  A receipt to confirm the delivery of the email and the order number will be returned to each requesting dealer.  Contracts to non-senior dealers will be sent electronically on April 15th of the year of the convention.  Dealers on the wait list will also be notified of their status.

PRIORITY TABLES are only available to senior dealers at $150 per table upon emailed or written request.

REGISTRATION:  Dealers should preregister so their registration packages are ready when they check in!

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